Our team dynamics is what makes us stand out from other agencies.

We integrate creative concepts with aesthetically pleasing designs to effectively engage your target audiences through different digital platforms like websites, landing pages, interactive campaigns and other forms of social media.

We strive to craft narrative that awake emotional responses and possess profound significance, therefor culminating in great digital encounters.

A word from our CEO!

Our motivation comes from the conviction that thoughtful design has the power to revitalize your company and open the door to amazing accomplishments.

Altjen Berberi

We Love what we do.

Sharing a strong aspiration to produce impactful work that resonates with a targeted audience, ASATA provides the ideal environment for marketing geniuses, code aficionados and creatives to develop and hone their capabilities. The autonomy to develop as an organization is thanks to our devoted staff and our esteemed clientele. We take pride in our work and excel at it.

Best Quality, always.

Our objective is to provide reliable content and services for our customers to understand and profit from. This includes planning, pondering and trying out new approaches on a regular basis. Nothing is hurried and our goal is to provide high-quality content that compel you to take some sort of actions. We love us a good challenge and strive for excellence at any given time.

Bounderless curiosity.

Constantly pushing boundaries and keeping experimenting to be the best partner our customers can possibly work with. ASATA was founded on a culture of learning and constant growth. Being one step ahead of the latest technology developments makes it a requirement rather than a luxury. We identify strategic advantages and develop compelling narratives for brands.

Respect and Responsibility

We have spared no effort in order to present our clients with digital services that are at the forefront of their respective niches and industries. We firmly believe that the best way to shape the future is to invest in the people building it, for them to unleash their fullest potential. The vast majority of ASATA’s operations are conducted in accordance with this guiding principle.

Our present, and future!

Even though we have an international team, we're slowly expanding to key locations. 


Check trophies earned by our team.

1st Place
1st Place
1st Place

Opinions of our customers

“ASATA helped me to not only join a competitive niche market, but also gain a steep advantage over many of my competitors. Their 7 days a week approach helped us grow while our competition slept. Having a dedicated team to focus entirely on my success and achieve my goals helped a lot too.”

E. V.

“ASATA exceeded our expectations in creating a visually stunning and user-friendly website for our IVF lab. Their professionalism, expertise, and attention to detail resulted in increased online visibility and patient inquiries. They skillfully captured the sensitive nature of our industry, building trust and establishing us as a reputable IVF lab.”

Lina K.

“Altjen and his team have been extremely helpful with my business. Their ability to understand the vision for my company, build upon it and scale it makes ASATA one of the most trusted agencies to work with”

Jonnet S.

“The team’s expertise in web design and social media branding has not only revitalized my brand’s image but also significantly boosted and have been a game changer in my digital presence. I would highly recommend Asata for anyone looking to elevate their digital footprint”

Albina | codergirl-al